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BMW 2.9 Diesel Engine OEM Used

The straight 6 diesel 2.9-liter engine from BMW is known as the M57 block. This series was first placed into production in the year 1998. Several vehicles have used this model successfully. While someone can find more than one variation for sale, the original BMW 2.9 diesel engine block can be found here at at a sale price.

What is special about the diesel series of motors at the BMW company is the compatibility with several types of classic and late model vehicles. Because the chassis platform rarely changes, it is easier for blocks to be compatible with the E-series cars. The 2.9-liter is often found in the E38, E39, E60 and E90 vehicles. There have been several installations spreading out nearly two decades.

BMW Saloon Auto Engines

Verifying that a build that is featured in stock online actually offers the right specs can be difficult. When units are imported from European distributors, the specs do not always translate from metric to American measurements. The blocks that are offered at a discount price on this website are the authentic editions. The cubic inch displacement in the 2.9L can change. Sometimes it is rated at 178 cubic inches and other times it is 182 CID.

Reviewing BMW diesel engines for sale will always expose discrepancies in horsepower ratings. Since no SAE rating is available for BMW blocks, it can be hard to determine if a diesel motor has 181 or 228 horsepower. The various 330D, 530D and other brands of cars using the 2.9-liter build will usually show different horsepower.

Complete M57 Used Motor Blocks

There are retailers that do not sell complete blocks although sell kits that consumers can buy. While there is a performance boost to adding on conversion kits, it is not the same as buying a block that already has a turbo or other features. The BMW E30 2.9 stroker kit is one example of a type of conversion that car owners can make if a used block cannot be found. The good part about buying preowned components on this website is that all stock is OEM.

The DPF portal is one major resource that is available 365 to people in the U.S. and Canada. The open inventory search box that appears on this page is the perfect place to find used BMW auto engines at sale prices. The inventory is provided direct through agreements with dismantling companies, junk yards and other businesses nationally. The pricing that appears with each search of this website is highly accurate and does include warranty plans.