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Cummins 4BT Engine Sale Price

The 4BT engine is an inline four-cylinder diesel by Cummins. It can be found in vans, trucks and an array of equipment. People who try to find these blocks usually like them in used condition. It is rare to find a brand new build that is considered old stock. DPF is a national source to buy a used Cummins 4BT engine on the Internet.

3.9L 4BT Engine Specs

The consists of a cast iron and is very solid. The fuel delivery is accomplished by two different pumps. The oldest is the manual injection. The newest is the direct injection. The VIN number of a motor vehicle will determine which assembly can be installed. Like most Cummins diesel engines, there is a factory installed turbocharger included.

105 horsepower all that the 3.9-liter 4BT motor can handle. This is enough power though. It far surpasses what most gasoline variants can put out. When it comes to swapping out this unit, the job is complex but it not impossible. SUVs can accept most of these versions.

Buying a 4BT Diesel

Before taking out your wallet, it is certainly helpful to know what you are really buying. There is old technology in this version of the Cummins motor. There is no computer installed although one can be added. These are generally easier to work on than what is manufactured today. Since there is still a good stock around, buying a used 4BT engine is not to difficult.

We work with experienced buyers and people who know nothing about the industry. The sales to industrial and automotive buyers are equal. Even people who just want to fix up an old bread truck are purchasing what we have here. The 3.0-liter is a very reliable 4-cylinder.

Prices for Used 4BT Engines

We are The name almost says it all. Price research is one activity that happens here a lot. We have a team of motor experts running the company. Everyone gets together and makes a decision to acquire what we list here. From the talented adults answering the phones to the top-level management, our engine warehouse is taken care of.

An exact sale price for someone who will buy a block from us is given here. Go inside of our free to use parts locator module. It is this system where we program all of our discounts. Nothing is asked of you that is not essential to the calculation of a price tag. You can even call our parts line to speak with an associate. Let us get to know you today.