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Cummins 6BT Engine for Sale

The B-Series Cummins 6BT engine is known for its 12-valve design. This 5.9 liter displacement block came out in the year 1984. While it was first arranged for non-automotive use, it quickly became a standard in the light-duty and heavy-duty truck industry. When someone wants to buy a Cummins 6BT engine for sale, the price has a lot to do with decision-making. Use to get the best discounts.

360 CID 5.9L 6BT Specs

The iron alloy block is what a diesel should be made out of. This improves the lifespan and it protects against deterioration. The 5.9L made its way into Dodge trucks as the primary block. The 160 hp was more for torque than it was for on-road speed. The 360 cubic inch displacement lets everyone know that this build means business.

The size is called an inline 6-cylinder. Bosch is the company that made all of the fuel pumps on the 6BT motors. Both rotary and fuel injection pumps are found on installations. The oil pan holds about 12 quarts when full. This is good knowledge to know after making a purchase through the Internet or offline.

How to Buy a 5.9L Cummins

There is no doubt that the B-Series was produced to last. It has been at the forefront in the automotive and industrial industries for decades. There are other builds that took its place in the limelight, but the value is pretty good for the original units. The key to snagging one of these at a good price is to check the mileage.

DPF always secures the low price. This is because we start buying from junk yards. We are not concerned with wholesale or trade discounts. There is an overstock of some brands. Our buyers know exactly where to find what we need. Consumers who cannot find a low mileage 6BT in their area can save some cash here.

Prices 6BT Diesel Blocks

One of the most complete and effective ways to buy includes price comparing retailers. With our easy to use system, we let you do just that. No two diesels are created alike. There are inaccuracies in the blocks and spots of rust sometimes. An MSRP and sale price need to be different. That is what we are here to show you. Use our automated database.

Get what you need here. Our team takes phone calls too. You will be impressed with what we can offer you. The terms of sale are easy to understand. A full warranty is attached. Buying a steam cleaned assembly does not have to have a sky-high price tag.