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Cummins 6CT 8.3 for Sale

The 6CT is a powerful 8.3 liter Cummins diesel engine. It is versatile and strong. There has been no shortage of industry installations of this block. The long line of 12-valve editions is keeping the alternative fuel use alive. There is a Cummins 6CT 8.3 for sale on this page. DPF leads the secondary market as a retailer for low mileage inventory online.

8.3 Liter Diesel Specs

A strong horsepower is what to expect with the 6CT. On the low end, 210 hp is available. Someone who pushes the limits will be able to get 400 hp. Things like RVs, motorhomes and garbage trucks have the most horsepower available. A regular generator would likely not reach that level of power. There are 506 cubic inches in the 8.3L.

What do you get out of a Cummins motor? The easy answer is that you get a lot of years of use. A more defined answer is that little to no mechanical problems ever happen with this series. The factories where these units are built are known for putting out solid parts.

Cummins 6CT 8.3 for Sale

All companies have a set retail price when it comes to buying a used diesel engine. Some of these are units taken from industrial surplus. Others are bought and sold through directories or Kijiji type portals. A VIN match is an excellent system for ensuring you will not overpay for a block. does not hide its prices. This page is just a resource to let a researcher know what we have available. A quick and effortless procedure to examine our discounts is given here online. Are you trying to find a 6CT 8.3 motor for a good price? You do not have to search any farther than our portal here.

Prices for 8.3 Diesel Motors

We want to get to know you. Get into our database and find what you need. 6CT blocks that we sell are all in clean condition. Steam cleaning and inspecting the wiring harness are standard. No one can control the block mileage. You can get the best estimate for that plus the terms of warranty when you use us.

Our toll-free number is another good way to review our warehouse inventory. We are always buying Cummins engines from a junk yard. A lot of stuff goes under the radar because of first picks. Give us a call offline if our web system is not working for you. We dedicate our life to auto parts sales and service. Never pay more for an 8.3 liter.