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Detroit Series 60 14L for Sale

The 14L displacement of the Detroit Series 60 diesel engine makes it reliable. This was the block that replaced the long loved 12.7 liter. As a primary block used in buses and coaches, this inline six-cylinder was introduced in the 1987 year. This unit is still in use for on-road transportation. You can buy a Detroit Series 60 14L for sale on this DPF website.

Specs of the 60 Series

After the discontinuation of the 12L, a horsepower improvement was given. The power boost all the way up to 515 hp was instantly noticeable. The whopping 858 cubic inch displacement is another thing liked about this build. It is very strong and is not prone to general breakdowns. The commercial automotive use of this series is still in force.

The compression is 16.75:1. This means a lot of performance can be taken out of the 14 liter motor. The airflow is something that is constantly monitored and upgraded by Detroit Diesel. DDEC controls are known for being reliable on the Series 60 diesel engines.

Junk Yard 60 Series Engine

We specialize in the removal and sale of all sizes of blocks. There are top yards around North America that introduce us to what they have available. It is at this time that we can pick what we think buyers shopping here will appreciate. Before you spend time looking for a Series 60 14L engine, get the facts about quality and longevity.

A good warranty plan is offered with each factory built diesel. When the policies lapse, some people do not seek coverage from outside sources. This is when the maintenance fees can get expensive. The warranty period for something on sale here is respected. Terms and conditions are offered to all people using us as their source.

Prices for Detroit Diesel Engines

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Call our specialists now. We can go over total mileage, delivery time tables and other stuff. The support that we provide is excellent. This means even before we process a sale we are being helpful. Why pay eBay prices? It is not necessary to overpay for a used Detroit Diesel series 60 motor.