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Diesel Junk Yards in Illinois

What Illinois junk yards have the cheapest parts prices online? Find out here. You can search all of the inventory that a particular yard has through this website. We specialize in finding and reselling components to the general public. is the top source to utilize to find diesel junk yards in Illinois to buy parts from online.

Your local yard might not give you the best resources. While the owners might be nice people, your best interest is not their main priority. Too many companies are now shifting away from retailing older components. Most cars built before 1990 are just smashed up and sold for scrap metal.

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We could just give you a phone number and an address. This is what YP and other sources provide. We would rather show you what you can find and order. This is the very best policy that consumers appreciate. Since DPF does this at no cost, you do not have to worry if we are using your information for marketing purposes.

We go by your zip code and vehicle type. We use the codes to know where your closest yard is located. Once we know this, our system takes about 30 seconds to compile data. There are 102 counties split across the state of IL. You can find over a million parts for classic and late model motor vehicles that use diesel engines here.

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We support the big and small yards equally. It is surprising sometimes to deal with a smaller company and get the best prices. It happens everyday, but some people are used to paying the full MSRP. In addition to huge scrap yards in IL, there are many smaller ones that are just as good and have import and domestic components.

Our parts location tool will search the following cities and others to match your parts request:

Des Plains
Oak Park
Elk Grove

You are not alone when you need a 1992 Dodge D series truck alternator. A shop nearby to you might not have it, but we can guarantee that our partners do. If you are shopping on eBay or another portal, you are paying too much. The shipping fees alone are too high.

Junk Yards Across Illinois

Buy only from known yards using our site as a resource. You get a full quote on any internal or external part you require. We avoid trade pricing and all people pay a single sticker price. This is the only fair way to do it. One of our reps will get back to you by e-mail if there is no match is our computer. If we do find a match, you are given price details immediately on this page. Get started now.