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Diesel Junk Yards in KY

The KY diesel junk yards that you can search on this website all have low prices. DPF is your source to find and to purchase over a million components for vans, trucks, SUVs and automobiles. Why pay more at a local yard when a statewide partner has cheaper prices? Get a really fair sticker price from any of the diesel junk yards in KY on this website.

Did you know that we support 120 counties in the state? We are truly everywhere and we make deals with local shop owners. About five out of seven scrap yards do not have a website. These companies just advertise in magazines and phone books and pray that consumers find them. There is a new approach and this is what you get here.

Locate Diesel Parts

Do you need a Ford Ranger diesel engine? What about glow plugs for a 7.3 Powerstroke? These are basic, but it is an example of what you can search for on this page. You can pay outrageous pricing for a used transmission if you are not careful. We review and inspect any part that we showcase inventory for through the DPF database.

You are no longer limited to what you can find in your hometown. Because all yards are in competition, few publish price data that you can actually use. Most are ‘call for price’ type of situations. We do away with that process and always display discounts.

Scrap Yards We Support

New partners are featured in our computer every day of the year. Once we identify what a company has, we speak about parts condition and what warranty is available. You can pay less only when the yard owner agrees to drop the price. We have already sent our team to haggle with the owners to drive down the MSRP.

The following list is a small sample of cities were our partners are located:

Calvert City
Cave City

Salvage Yards Across Kentucky

Are you using an iOS or Android phone? Our computer is mobile-friendly. Tap on the screen and get started. You can use your home PC as well. We only ask the manufacturer, engine type and maybe what transmission you have. This forms the base data for every price quote. We then tell you what we have in stock through our partner junk yards in Kentucky.

It is so easy that anyone who can click a mouse or tap their finger can do it. If you like speaking with a person who can help you, we offer a phone number just for that purpose.