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ISB6.7 for Sale Cummins Used

The ISB 6.7 is a diesel engine from Cummins. It is best known for being used in medium-duty trucks around the world. Strong and powerful are just two words that describe this block. It is pretty lightweight too. It weighs about 1150 pounds. You can buy an ISB6.7 for sale used right from We are experts in all industrial and automotive parts.

2600 RPM 6.7 Liter Diesel

There is a governed speed on all of the late model ISB units. This is to prevent an overload. The 2600 RPM in the ISB6.7 is useful during transport. It keeps bad things from happening that are expensive to fix. When it comes to horsepower, people get to choose the amount that they need. Cummins models numbers are easy to follow.

For example, if you need a 200 hp model, the part number would be ISB6.7 200. The last three numbers represent the horsepower. The peak power goes up to 325. This gives on-road truckers and pickup truck owners a good range to choose between for performance.

ISB Diesel Motor Inventory

Do junk yard sell Cummins engines? Some do and some do not. In the United States, there are about 50,000 scrap yards that are active. The rest of the sales come through an auction or a directory type of listing like eBay. Here at DPF, we are proud to present our components inventory straight on this website.

The second hand ISB6.7 truck engines here come with our own warranty plan. We get these from our suppliers that make certifications on what is sold. It is normally part of our procedures to steam clean a block first. This gets the grease, rust and corrosion off of the valves and iron block.

Prices for Cummins ISB Engines

Do you need a complete block? These are the only options we sell. You will not be able to locate just the specific parts that might need to be swapped. The condition of what you can buy here is pretty good. In fact it is above average. The full scale pricing that features our personalized discounts is granted through a price quote process.

The history of Cummins and its reliability is well known here. Let be your buying source. From the included coverage plan to nationwide shipping, we are doing our part to improve customer relations. The staff that is employed here is professional. We know what to do to close a sale without pressuring a consumer.