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Used Ford 7.3 Diesel Parts

The 7.3 Powerstroke is one motor we support for used parts in the diesel inventory here. You would spend a small fortune of money and your time to locate a bigger warehouse than what we have accessible. Do you know that most junk yards crush cars that are older than 1990. has used Ford 7.3 diesel parts on sale.

Even though International/Navistar had the brains behind the 7.3 liter, most of the credit goes to the Ford Motor Company. The marketing of the F-Series trucks in the global auto industry was a massive success. Since you cannot buy a new block outright anymore, you need to find secondary solutions to acquire one.

Complete Powerstoke Engine

The 7.3 is well regarded as a good-running motor. Although it is discontinued from production, this does not mean one cannot be found. In fact, our inventory holds multiple units that were produced in the early 1990s. The mileage remains low because we strike deals with companies to taken in the assemblies.

The automatic transmission that goes along with the motor can be ordered as well. This does not include the range of parts that we have that will fit on the OEM block. You do not have to be an automotive mechanic to get access to the discounts we give out.

Ford Parts in Stock

We do not deal in aftermarket or foreign parts. Only what went on the Powerstroke from the beginning is what is available to order. We do not require you to put down a deposit or other type of retainer. You just need to tell us what you need and we generate a sale price.

Using the parts locator we have, you can find the following stock and other units available:

Injection pumps
Fuel filers
Air intake
Automatic transmission

Buy Used Ford Diesel Parts

We have so much inventory available, even other scrap yards order here. It is popular to have original components to provide to the public. There are literally thousands of different types. What you can find as far as MSRP on this website includes the discount. There is no markup or other inflated costs.

Getting a quote is as simple as choosing the year your truck or van was made and following the steps on the screen. If you provide your e-mail address to us, we will send your quote there too. To order, a phone call is required to our trained experts. We are ready to assist you right now.