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Used Volkswagen Diesel Parts

Replacement parts are in stock for used VW vehicles in our diesel inventory here. There are plenty of trim levels of Volkswagen automobiles that have been built since 1965. When you local automotive parts retailer does not have something in stock, you are left to your own devices to find a component elsewhere. has a full supply of used Volkswagen diesel parts in stock and the lowest price structures.

The TDI and base model motors that have been constructed are known for being reliable. This does not mean however that they will last for decades without a problem. When something goes wrong, it is normally sudden and you cannot plan for it. You could be driving normally at one moment, and find yourself on the side of the road the next.

Engine and Transmission Parts

If you drive a Jetta, Rabbit, Beetle, Audi, Passat, CC, Tiguan, Golf and other vehicle type we have you covered here. DPF knows the difference between the 1.6 and 2.0 blocks. You have options being a consumer to select the mileage variance that you prefer. It will not make much financial sense to put a part back on your car that has more milage on it.

We know how to keep pricing cheap due to being a secondary market provider. Through VW junk yards and pull-a-part locations, we get the cream of the crop for automotive components. Because we are diesel specific, you have stock that most stores cannot come across. The strength of our business relationships makes this effort possible.

When you search here online, you can find a lot of spare components typically only available to dealerships. Things such as brakes, starters, water pumps, drive shaft, headlight, steering wheel, seals, transmissions, engines and other factory components can be ordered. When companies take apart a vehicle, we usually get first pick of what to acquire.

Warranties for VW Inventory

DPF ensures that anything someone finds here comes with a warranty coverage plan. You will never worry about an overheating engine if one of the components you found here goes bad. Almost everything that we send out to consumers to addresses in the United States and Canada is under a good coverage policy.
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Do you know how much a used TDI engine costs? Find out by browsing what we have in stock right now. You can get a package price on more than one component if you choose to do so. Let our inventory locator tool go to work for you. Do not spend your free time searching the web for SKU numbers that are not in stock.

Your price is always calculated by our team using computer technology. We even e-mail you the specific quote so you can review it later on. Call the number we place on this site for help with anything that you need. Never buy on eBay until you check our pricing.