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Volvo V70 Diesel Engine for Sale

The V70 by Volvo has used the 2.5 TDI as one of its motor types since the year 2007. Sometimes referred to as the XC70, the crossover and wagon versions of the V70 have used more than one diesel automotive engine block. This website provides a way to buy a complete Volvo V70 diesel engine for sale on the Internet in the USA.

There are three main models of motors that can be found when a person researches on the web. The first type is by far the easiest to find. Audi supplied a D5252T block for use in the V70. This was known as the 2.5 TDI. These were built in multiple countries although were part of the P2 platform. The inline 5-cylinder design is similar to other front engine products in Volvo motor vehicles.

D5252T Engine Specs

A compression ratio of 19:5:1 is what the Audi motor block provides in the V70 cars. A respected 140 horsepower range is what most people can expect who purchase this build. Like all automakers, more than one build was provided to a person as an upgrade model. The 2.4D known as the D5244T2 model is another block that can be found. Automation is used on this website to provide data about stock numbers and VIN information.

A third block type is known as the D5 model. This is the same variation as the 2.4D although a 185 horsepower level is present. The I5 turbo series is well known in the Volvo community as being a reliable build. To get the best price on a Volvo V70 diesel engine, a person should always research if a warranty is included in the point of sale price. Anything reviewed on this website already includes warranty costs in the MSRP.

The P1, P2 and P3 platforms are supported through the finder on this page. Any person can begin looking through the information to find an exact match for a replacement block. Since all dismantling companies and salvage yards providing inventory here are USA based, there are no import fees for a Volvo V70 2.5T engine when purchased online.

V70 Diesel Motor Blocks On Sale

Any used engine for sale or one that is rebuilt that is purchased using this website is shipping in a short time frame. This does give a buyer the means to schedule a delivery on their own terms. Because warranties are included and the price has been discounted, there are no misunderstandings when it comes to paying for inventory. Any of the turbocharged or standard T I5 builds are easy to purchase and receive through use of this Diesel Parts Finder website.